Is Tap Water Safe For Neti Pot?

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In the recent days Netti pots have cured lot of people’s respiratory disorders. Many neti newbies have shown interest in learning the right process of nasal saline irrigation. The basic query that comes up during the learning process is that if they can use the ordinary tap water for Netti Irrigation, since type of water to use for the therapy is still a conflicting and confusing concept to new users of nethi pot.

Some people believe that boiled water is safe and others state that boiling is still a waste of time. Some yells distilled water is good for nethi therapy while others tell that buying distilled water for therapy is waste of money. Still others consider that water from direct tap is comparably cheap while others says that water from direct tap is risky and can cause nasal trouble or worsen the respiratory infection. Hence let us assess and know the fact on using cheapest means of tap water for sinus irrigation.

Benefits of using Direct Tap Water for Netti Therapy

No doubt, for nasal therapy the quality of water is very important. You can use lukewarm water for therapy. In a way using direct tap water for the treatment can help you to set and know the right temperature of the water.

Direct tap water for Nethi Treatment doesn’t cost you much but just wants you to invest over a pot, saline sachets and water if necessary, if not you can make your own neti pot, prepare the saline solution just by adding salt that would taste like the tears of your eyes and water directly from tap that should be boiled.

Drawbacks of using Tap Water for Nethi Irrigation

Tapwater for Neti Pot

Generally tap water will be chlorinated that can irritate your sensitive nasal cavities. Another dangerous drawback is that the direct water might also contain amoebas, chemicals or other nasty solution in the water that might disturb or worsen your health.

Think about the tap water in your house. How does it smell and taste? Look for clues to its chlorine content. In case if you are not very sure about the quality of the tap water in your area then it is better to boil and cool the water before using for the therapy.

Though you feel that tap water would be safe for drinking, it is not necessary to be safe for nethi therapy as it may cause the risk of fatal brain infection also. Two deaths were also reported from Naegleria fowleri infection by using untreated water for neti pot. Since Naegleria fowleri would be present in unboiled, unsterilized water which will cause the fatal brain infection. After using you should clean the neti pot.

The Bottom Line

Water straight from the tap is supposed to be pure and if it is not free from germs, then it is not suitable to irrigate your sinus.

Though city engineers and officials of water department announced that a city’s tap water is “safe for use,” they generally mean safe for drinking and bathing, but not necessarily for irrigating your sinuses.

The cheap and best alternative source of water for the sinus therapy, where you don’t require to invest much is readily available germ free distilled water. You can choose the best and economical means for neti therapy like using the tap water which can be boiled and made germs free, as a better choice for the neti pot solution.

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