Can the Neti Pot be used by More than a Single Person?

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Have you ever gone through the neti therapy and experienced the result of nasal irrigation? In today’s polluted condition, Neti Pot should be in every individual’s medicine cabinet in order to steer and clear all their respiratory irritations.

Neti Irrigation

Usage Of Neti PotNethi or Nasal irrigation is a natural flush out therapy of nasal cavities to maintain the sinus hygiene. Habitual practice of neti treatment will help you to overcome allergies, sinus problems, common cold and respiratory infections. To be frank, regular usage of neti pot is essential in order to reduce or permanently avoid the problems like Sleep Apnea, sino-nasal issues, nasal allergic reactions, sinus symptoms, Nasal dryness and headache.


Choosing the Neti Device

Using a Neti Pot is considered to be the best and easiest way to get rid of all your nasal irritation. So where will you get your Neti Pot from? You can get it from a local mall where you have lot of options to select one that is best suitable or else you can order online where you can get the device reached to your home by spot delivery.
You may also be able to prepare your own Neti Pot by using squeeze bottle of honey or soap detergent container by which you can save upto $20, but remember to clean and dry the bottle before use. Compared to Ceramic or metallic pots these squeezable bottle are better since it add-on the flush out force to your sinuses very easily.

Once you have your device ready for nethi irrigation you will only need two additional ingredients for the flushing process. All it requires is the canning or pickling salt for saline solution since it is considered as the pure forms of salt and the water either distilled or boiled which is lukewarm water, generally the temperature suggested should be of 98.6 degrees. The best ingredients to use are purest forms of salt and water which should not contain any harmful additives or bacteria.


Separate Netti Device for Each User

Different Neti Pots

The sinus rinse neti pot is pretty easy to use that can relieve you from symptoms of nasal congestions. Generally any neti pot you choose to buy from market will contain the individual packets of salt to add and the saline solution for therapy.

While using Neti Pot instrument for the nasal irrigation make sure that you do not share your device with others since treating with Neti Pot will have direct contact with germs, virus and bacteria in your body. If you share your device with others or if you use other’s device then chances of spreading of infection from one person to another is more. Hence it is always better to purchase a separate nethi pot for every family member in your house.

Neti pots are easily available at affordable prices in many drug stores, health food stores and online retail stores. These may cost you $10 to $20.

Finally a small investment over a huge benefit would not be an issue for sure, as health is always considered wealth.