How to Treat Neti Pot Problems?

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In spite of Neti therapy’s benefits, a handful of neti pot users have experienced some minor issues and difficulties while using the neti pots for treatment. Let us discuss the problems and shoot out the solutions to help you deal with the therapy.

Itching or Stinging in the nose

Stinging or itchy sensation in the nose can be caused because of the below mentioned reasons:

  • Temperature of the water and concentration of salt adds on to the irritation and sting in the nose. Temperature of water should be lukewarm and salt concentration should be mild which should taste like tears. Taste and spit it out after verifying for the balanced concentration.
  • Contamination in the water may cause the sting in the nasal cavities. Hence it is a must to use boil the water before adding it into neti pot.
  • Left over in the pot or unclean pot may also be favorable to insect breeding which may turn the solution as toxic and create irritation in the nostrils.

Nose bleed

If your nose bleeds during neti therapy, there is nothing to consider as dangerous and serious. Nose bleeds because of dryness in the nostrils. It is most likely to happen because of saline solution fot neti pot reacting on the mucus membrane.

Saline solution can be added with few drops of pure butter, ghee or olive oil in the neti pot. Don’t hang upside down and avoid blowing the nose hard when changing sides or drying. Avoid using neti therapy for more than once in a day without advice.

Popping of Ears

In rare cases, ears may pop while doing neti treatment. Nothing to get frightened about the squeaky sound in the ears, as such sounds are caused due to the change in pressure in Eustachian tubes which clears the block of mucus. Once the water droplets in the ear are dried up nothing to worry about.


Headache may occur after using neti therapy for various reasons like fear, tension. Ache may also cause because of not drying the nasal cavity and if salt solution is still left in the sinus passages. Sometimes blowing very hardly may also cause dryness in the nose and create the symptoms of headache. Hence, practice the therapy properly.

Water running onto the face

Water solution may run over the face because of rushing process of neti process or can be caused by bad designed neti pots. Be slow in the therapy process by following step by step movement and find the right and appropriate position to place for the pot and the head.

Remember that our nasal cavities are very sensitive and are prone to infections very easily. Though Neti Treatment is considered as an ancient therapy to treat the nostril cavities, it is very essential to educate oneself under a trained preacher for safe and proper use of neti pots.

Got a Runny Nose?

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How would you feel if you have runny nose, sniffles and a stuffed up head. Irritating congestion is truly a bother!

Don’t worry, there is an excellent solution for your problem. It is called Neti Pot Therapy and you can do it at home.

Symptoms and Causes of Common Cold

Common cold is the blockage and annoying feeling in the upper part of the body like respiratory tract. Usually various types of viruses will enter the body through the nose and mouth. Virus, bacteria that creates infection can easily spread while you touch something or someone who are infected with virus. There are more than 200 types of viruses that cause common cold. In most cases, cold are very mild reaction and people recover easily without much difficulty.

The symptoms or the signs may vary from person to person, depending upon the type of bacterial or viral infection. Whereas basic symptoms usually will be sneezing, a abrasive throat, nasal congestion, cough, headache, a stuffed or a runny nose.

People who suffer from cold usually have runny nose for two to three days with continuation of stuffy nose for two or three days more.

Basic Care for Cold

The basic and foremost habit to cultivate to avoid cold is to hand wash: very simple yet very effective tool to avoid cold symptoms. Antibacterial gels are also available in the market that are very useful in killing cold germs.

Covering your mouth and nose with a clean cloth while you cough or sneeze may also avoid spread of viruses.

Clearing the Blockage

Usually nasal cavities are filled up with air. When the sinuses are blocked with the common cold and filled with fluid, then it may lead to nasal swelling. Bacteria grow in the sinuses and cause the infection. Surely clearing the blockage will reduce the infection and relive you from irritated pain and restlessness.

It is well known that cold is self limited illness that needs to resolve by its own with time. Usually body needs to fight off the infection.

Let us look into some do’s and do not’s. There are some simple remedies that can alleviate you from common cold symptoms.

Traditional Treatment for Treating Cold

Basic practice to be done in treating common cold is to take plenty of water or fluids in order to prevent your body in dehydration. It is also recommended to take rest which may avoid your body from losing   water content and may make you feel relax to an extent.

Gargling with warm water mixed with salt will relieve the symptoms. Inhaling steam with eucalyptus oil also gives you comfort. Throat sprays, cough syrup, nasal drops may help in reducing the symptoms, but it is important to know about the undesirable side effects of such medications. Remember to use any aspirin or aspirin containing medications for children or teenagers since it can cause potentially fatal condition over repeated usage. Cough and cold medicines are not recommended to infants and children at all.

The New Solution – Nasal Irrigation

Nasal irrigation can be used as parallel remedy for the process which is considered as the best therapy to treat common cold. The neti pot is a small pot with a spout and a handle. The spout is designed in such a way so that it is easy to plug it in one’s nostril. You should use neti pot therapy with the proportionate salt solution.

Once the Neti Pot is filled with the saline solution made, tilt your head over the sink at 45 degree angle. Now gently pour the saline solution into the nostril.

Flow the fluid into your nasal cavity and let it pass out with other nostril. After every circulation blow your nose to get rid of any leftover liquid, and then once again repeat the process from the other nostril which will surely relieve you from common cold and runny nose.

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