Common Myths About Using Neti Pot

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Many people feel perplexed when they come across the image of a person pouring water into nostrils. Hence lot of fear and doubts may be attached to this process called nasal irrigation. Hence this is an effort to clear the air and help you to understand nasal irrigation or jala neti better

  1. You have to close your mouth while doing this cleansing
    No, it is absolutely so not true. You need to open your mouth during nasal irrigation to breathe
  2. Nasal Irrigation can just be learned from any book.
    Wrong. It is always better to check with a person who has been practising it regularly.
  3. You can always use sea water for nasal irrigation or neti pot.
    Absolutely no no. The saline water that you use should have the same concentration as that of your tears.
  4. We can include some more additives to the saline solution
    It is usually not recommended. Salt and water works the best for this type of irrigation.
  5. It is dangerous if the water that goes in, does not come out completely and a little bit of it is left in the system.
    After nasal irrigation blow your nose and give some time for the water to drain. There is definitely no danger there.
  6. The neti should be done with an expensive neti pot.
    Not at all. It can be done with the most cheapest and the lightest neti pot. Just ensure that it is the right one for you.
  7. Why do I need a neti pot for nasal irrigation? I can just use my hand or a bowl to pour water into my nostril.
    When you pour water into one of the nostrils, a vacuum is created that sucks the dirt and the impurities from your sinuses. Now in order to create that vacuum, the spout must really fit well into the nostril. Of course, there are people who use cups and bowls to pour water into their nostrils. But they will not be as effective as neti pots and instead they may cause other problems.

So throw away all your doubts and fear away and adopt this effective technique for a healthier life.