How Often Should You Clean Neti Pot?

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Using of Neti Pots has been considered as a natural home remedy since centuries, in some parts of the world. A Neti Pot is a simple vessel which resembles a small teapot with a spout, specially designed to fit the user’s nasal cavity for the process of neti irrigation. There are many benefits of using neti pots including but not limited to better nasal health

The whole conception of Neti Treatment works on the theory of gravity, the idea behind it is to allow you to pour a warm solution through one nostril and exit out from the other. Thus without pressure in the sinus cavity, it cleanses the sinuses with the solution of the warm saline water. This process assists in flushing out the unwanted blockages entrapped in the mucus lane of sinus.

So, if the process of nasal irrigation is assisting in such a beneficial way it is always important to concentrate on the cleaning and sanitizing of the device.

Let us look in detail how we can maintain a hygienic and sterile neti pots.

How to Clean a Neti Pot and How Often Should You Do it?

Since your neti pot is used to maintain healthy sinuses and clear blocked mucous, it is a good idea to clean your pot. It is recommended to clean the pot used for the neti treatment after every use and you can use your hands to clean inner and outer surface of the pot. Thus, clean your hands before you take up the task.

After each and every use of the neti pot, remember to clean it with good antibacterial dish washing liquid using hot water. Never use a sponge or any similar things to clean since they can be favorable for bacterial growth. For the best cleaning you can use nylon brush. Choose brush with small bristle that can reach every part of the pot and also ensure to clean the pot’s nostril. Keep this brush for cleaning only the pot and not for anything else.

You can thoroughly scrub the spout outside and inside of the pot whenever cleaning. It is always important to rinse thoroughly and clean the neti pot after every use. Remember to dry the pot prior to storage and after usage as water left in the pot can allow bacterial growth.

Once in a week, you should sterilize the pot. Simply put the pot in the boiling water for 5-10 minutes.

If you have not used the neti pot for the irrigation since long then it is always better to clean the pot properly before using. After cleaning you need to keep the neti pot to dry. It is suggested to pack it in a zip-lock plastic cover which is easy to maintain.

It is advised to never and ever share the neti pot with any other users. Lot of good quality and best priced plastic pots are available in the market today you can separately use each one for you. You can also write your names on the nostril pots with the permanent marker for easy identification.