Remedies to fight against Allergies

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Allergy is the hyper sensational reaction of the body because of the decreased immunity level. Allergy need not be harmful but it is the result of reaction towards airborne antigens.

An allergy is a vast infection response of the body with the reaction of runny nose, itchy eyes, and rash skin. Generally allergy aggravates the sense of smell, sight and taste by causing irritation. Sometimes body over reacts to the allergic substance that may cause extreme disability and loss of antibody (lgE)

Running Nose

Reaction of Allergy

With the reaction of allergic course, the antibodies present in the allergic cell of the body will be bound which results in allergic symptoms. Once the person’s immunity level is exposed to allergen it blocks the immune system and makes the body prone to the sensitization.

Alternative Remedy for Allergy

You can adopt some basic activities in order change your lifestyle and gain better health in improving your immunity level.


Regular Walk

Regular walk or habitual running process helps your cardinal functional to improve and support in maintaining your resistant level. Walking is one of the easiest ways to keep your body fit and active enough as it is able to sustain respiratory rhythmic activity.

Shower instantly and cleanse your Nose and eyes

It is always better to take regular shower after you workout or go out and come in dust. It is also good to use mask in order to avoid pollens or dust in the air, also try wearing sunglasses in hot sun so that it avoids the allergy in eyes like red eyes or itching.

Try Swimming

  • Workout your body with water based workout as swimming is truly a good remedy for any sort of high humid breathing problems including asthma. Though it is said that chlorine may induce your asthma it does not affect people who exercise for few laps and may slightly affect the elite athletes who swims many laps at a time.
  • Keep your house and surrounding close and clean
  • In your house and in the car you travel try to close windows and use air conditioner that will clean, clear and cool the air you breath.
  • Try to avoid using hair gels and hairsprays that may trap the dust and pollen in your hairs.

If you are already prone to allergy

What are the remedies to be considered if you have already been facing high risk problem of allergy:

Undergoing therapies

You have the option to undergo alternative therapies which are the best solution to the allergies like acupuncture, massages but keep in mind to go to a right and experienced therapist. These treatments are not harmful and will not have any clinical side effects.

Medicines or inhaled steroids

Most of us have confusion if long term use of allergy medicine would spoil the health. Almost all the medicines available in the market are continually tested and improved. These medicines are truly good and safe for allergies that will not produce any side effect. The medicines such as Veramyst and Nasonex are considered as the basics to control airborne allergies.

Many people would also have steroid phobia and they can consider the inhaled steroids which give several benefits with minimal risks.

Best and reliable nasal wash

Neti Pot Usage

Using neti pot for nasal saline solution for nasal wash will work well naturally to flush out allergens and mucus in the nasal cavities. Remember to avoid Afrin or any other similar nasal decongestant. Though they give immediate effect of clearing your problem but they can cause problems with repeated use.