Understanding the Neti Pot Procedure

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In the world today Sinusitis (nasal blockage at its advanced stages) is considered to be one of the common diseases. It is very common in most parts of the world and approximately 15% of the population is suffering from respiratory infections like asthma, allergies and respiratory infections.


Infections and allergies are very common but not to be ignored. Bacteria, fungi and viruses may lead to sinusitis and some allergies and colds possibly  leads to sinus infections.

Untreated Consequences

If such consequences are not treated, then it may lead to various problems like:

Sore throat

It is a sign of cold. Cold symptoms like runny or blocked nose may lead to sore throat.

Strep throat

It is an infection caused due to the bacteria.


It is a very painful inflammation or infection back of the throat of tonsils.

Upper respiratory infections

It is an infection which involves the upper respiratory tract like nose, sinus, and pharynx.

Bad breath

It is unpleasant odors exhaled in breathing. This affects self-confidence levels which may lead to lose the ability to form strong relationships.

How can you effectively treat using Neti Pot?

There are no official guidelines or medical parameters available for how to use the Neti Pot Therapy. But along with the Neti pot you get guidelines, which explains the procedure. You can also consult family doctor or ENT specialist who can guide you before trying it on your own.

Solution procedure

The mixture is the combination of salt and water. Make sure to use distilled, sterile or boiled luke warm water. For the nasal irrigation processes mix about 16 ounces or 1 pint of luke water with a teaspoon of salt. Some may also use half a spoon of baking soda to just buffer the solution and make it gentle to circulate in nasals.

Using the Neti Pot

Once the Neti Pot is filled with the solution made, tilt your head over the sink at 45 degree angle. Now gently pour the saline solution into the nostril.

Flow the fluid into your nasal cavity and pass out with other nostril. After every circulation blow your nose to get rid of any leftover liquid, and then once again repeat the process from the other nostril. Sometimes it may also move into your throat if it happens, just spit the water in the throat and repeat it.


It is required to maintain the Neti pot in order to get the best results in future usage also. It is important to soak the Neti Pot after every use. Leave it in open air for drying.

Neti Pot Risks, Dangers, and Safety

Are there dangers associated with Neti Pots? Safety is the foremost thing to be considered. Researches states the Neti Pot is generally safe, but 10% of users have come across some mild side effect like nasal irritation and stinging. Some very rarely may also feel the nosebleeds. Reducing the amount of salt in the solution, adjusting the temperature of water will reduce all these side effects.

It is proven that people suffering from sinus have found relief from Netipot. It is good to use the nasal irrigation system three times a week. If the problem do not reduce then it can be used regularly also.

In order to avoid the infection make sure to take proper care of the device. After every use you need to wash the device by hand along with which you need to dry the device and keep ready for next usage.

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