How to Treat Neti Pot Problems?

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In spite of Neti therapy’s benefits, a handful of neti pot users have experienced some minor issues and difficulties while using the neti pots for treatment. Let us discuss the problems and shoot out the solutions to help you deal with the therapy.

Itching or Stinging in the nose

Stinging or itchy sensation in the nose can be caused because of the below mentioned reasons:

  • Temperature of the water and concentration of salt adds on to the irritation and sting in the nose. Temperature of water should be lukewarm and salt concentration should be mild which should taste like tears. Taste and spit it out after verifying for the balanced concentration.
  • Contamination in the water may cause the sting in the nasal cavities. Hence it is a must to use boil the water before adding it into neti pot.
  • Left over in the pot or unclean pot may also be favorable to insect breeding which may turn the solution as toxic and create irritation in the nostrils.

Nose bleed

If your nose bleeds during neti therapy, there is nothing to consider as dangerous and serious. Nose bleeds because of dryness in the nostrils. It is most likely to happen because of saline solution fot neti pot reacting on the mucus membrane.

Saline solution can be added with few drops of pure butter, ghee or olive oil in the neti pot. Don’t hang upside down and avoid blowing the nose hard when changing sides or drying. Avoid using neti therapy for more than once in a day without advice.

Popping of Ears

In rare cases, ears may pop while doing neti treatment. Nothing to get frightened about the squeaky sound in the ears, as such sounds are caused due to the change in pressure in Eustachian tubes which clears the block of mucus. Once the water droplets in the ear are dried up nothing to worry about.


Headache may occur after using neti therapy for various reasons like fear, tension. Ache may also cause because of not drying the nasal cavity and if salt solution is still left in the sinus passages. Sometimes blowing very hardly may also cause dryness in the nose and create the symptoms of headache. Hence, practice the therapy properly.

Water running onto the face

Water solution may run over the face because of rushing process of neti process or can be caused by bad designed neti pots. Be slow in the therapy process by following step by step movement and find the right and appropriate position to place for the pot and the head.

Remember that our nasal cavities are very sensitive and are prone to infections very easily. Though Neti Treatment is considered as an ancient therapy to treat the nostril cavities, it is very essential to educate oneself under a trained preacher for safe and proper use of neti pots.

Nasal Irrigation with a Neti Pot

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Nasal irrigation has been advised for sinus infections since ages. It is the most simplest and effective solution to cure Sinusitis.

What is nasal irrigation? It is a therapy of cleaning the nasal and sinus passage with the lukewarm saline solution and flushing out all the dirt and the impurities from the passage.

So how exactly does the nasal irrigation help? The cilia, the small hair at the entrance of the nasal passage, are the primary defense against any dirt or impurity. Usually they block the foreign particles. They are cleaned regularly by breathing or sometimes by blowing your nose. The second defense mechanism in your nasal passage is mucous. This is used to trap the foreign particles. Now because of pollution and other external factors, these defence mechanisms tend to become weak, thus leading to sinus infections. The nasal irrigation tends to flush away all the dirt, thereby giving way to effective working of cilia and mucous.

Nasal irrigation with a neti pot has been recommended as the best method by health experts.

How to use Neti Pot for Nasal Irrigation

You need to take care of the following points while you use the neti pot:

  • Ensure that the water that you use for the saline solution is not very hot.
  • Check the concentration of the salt in the solution. It should be same as that of your tears.
  • Ensure that you know the steps of nasal irrigation well before you go ahead with it.

After filling the neti pot with the saline solution, tilt your head in an angle at which you can comfortably pour water into your nostril. The water will flow through the nasal passage and then will rush outside the other nostril.

Initially you might find this process messy with most of the water running out without cleaning the nasal passage. The water might rush to your throat some times. If so, then spit it out. But with practice, you will soon master this cleansing process. Inculcate this habit into your daily schedule like any other daily task like brushing your teeth. At the end, blow your nose to throw out any water left inside and repeat the process for the other nostril.

Curing Sinus Problems with Neti Pots

Regular use of these neti pots has been found effective in reducing the nasal congestion and pain. In fact, many claim that due to the nasal irrigation through neti pots, their dependency on medicines and inhalers have actually reduced. The nasal irrigation through neti pots has been found to have alleviated symptoms of asthma, hay fever.

So if you have the running nose, heaviness in the head and face and have been irritated a lot by your sinus infection, then you should definitely try nasal irrigation by using neti pot. You will definitely notice some positive changes in you soon.

Neti Pot Therapy for Sinus Problems

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You have probably heard about Neti pots and how many people have found a way to cure their sinus infection. If you are wondering that is Neti pot and how is it supposed to work, you are at the right place. This article gives you all the details about neti pots.

The first time you see it, you might confuse a neti pot with a teapot. There are also chances that you might confuse it with Aladdin’s lamp. The neti pot is a small pot with a spout and a handle. The spout is designed in such a way so that it is easy to plug it in one’s nostril.

Types of Neti Pots

Neti pots are of different types based on what they are made of.

  • Ceramic and Glass Neti Pots: These are very fragile and should be handled with care. You cannot fill these neti pots wholly because they tend to get heavy soon.
  • Copper Neti Pots: They are robust, light-weighted and easy to handle. But the only thing is that the saline solution tends to oxidize the copper material leading to some deposits on the inner walls of the pot.
  • Steel Neti Pots:  These are the best of the lot and are strongly recommended.
  • Plastic Neti Pots: These have been gaining popularity because of their lightness and cheap cost.

The ceramic and the plastic neti pots might cost around $20 while the steel neti pots might be on the expensive side.

How to Use a Neti Pot?

A form of nasal purification method called Jala Neti, that originated in India, makes use of the neti pot. Jala Neti is also known as Nasal Irrigation. The nasal passage is cleaned with the saline solution. But it is very important to put the saline solution in the right way to your nostril. And for that kind of home treatment, a neti pot comes in handy.

The solution that you fill in the neti pot should primarily consist of water and salt. You should use lukewarm water for Jala Neti. The salt should be non-iodised and should not contain any anti caking agent. Ensure that it does not form lumps.  Remember to test the solution to check if it is too warm or too salty.

The steps to follow after you fill the neti pot with the saline solution are:

  1. It is preferable if you do the nasal irrigation over a sink.
  2. Bend your head a bit and plug in the nozzle of the neti pot into the nostril that is on the upper side.
  3. Now tilt the neti pot a little so that the water flows out of the spout into your nostril.
  4. You will feel the water through your nasal passage and then it gushes out through your other nostril that is on the lower side.
  5. Wait until the neti pot runs out of water. And then come back to the normal position and blow your nose so that any remaining water comes out.
  6. Now shift the position of your head to the opposite side. Repeat the above steps with the other nostril.

Benefits of Using Neti Pot Treatment

  • Lot of people have found that the regular use of the neti pots have helped in decreasing their sinus congestion and other respiratory illnesses.
  • The neti process clears all the build up and the impurities in your nasal passage there by making your breathing easier.
  • People have experienced a sharpness in vision and thinking abilities after doing Jala Neti.

Jala Neti can be practiced for about four times a day. The best time is to do this on an empty stomach in the morning.

It is seen that the nasal irrigation method using neti pots is one of the safest methods of purification or cleansing. With the right guidance and understanding, neti pots can be used to enrich our health and life very easily. If you have not bought a neti pot yet, it is not too late; you can always buy one and start the purification process as soon as possible.

Neti Pot Therapy – The Natural Way to Cure Sinus Problems

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Today, the science and technology innovation produces miracles again and again. However it is a known fact that it cannot offer solutions to all the problems, especially the ones related to health. There have been new diseases erupting now and then and people have been realizing that health is indeed wealth. In recent years, people have been going back to the age-old methods to maintain good health and peaceful life. One such ancient method of living has been Yoga.

There are various forms of Yoga and Hatha Yoga is one of them. This form of yoga tends to concentrate on the purification of the body by balancing the physical and the mental aspects of oneself. Hatha Yoga has six Shatkarmas or purifying techniques. One of them is Neti.

Jala Neti is the most commonly practised form of Neti. It is the nasal cleansing technique through warm salt water. In the recent times, Jala Neti is also called Saline Nasal Irrigation (SNI) or Neti Pot Therapy.

Neti pots are used for practising Jala Neti. These pots can be made of metal, plastic or ceramic. This pot has a spout at one end and a handle at the other. It will probably remind you of Aladdin’s lamp.

How to Prepare the Solution for Jala Neti?

The solution is made of salt and water. It is important that you use only lukewarm water for this technique. Ensure that the salt is non-iodized and does not form any lump. Let the amount of salt, which you add to the solution, may be proportionate to the water taken. You can taste it a bit and spit it out. It should be of the same concentration as tears.

How to use the Neti Pot?

Do the Jala Neti over the sink, if possible. Before you go ahead with the technique, just check the temperature of the water to see if it is too hot or too cold.

Tilt your head to one side and then pour the water into your nostril that is on the upper side, from the spout of the Neti pot. When you do this, the saline solution enters your nasal cavity, cleanses it and then flows out through the other nostril. Repeat the same with your head tilted the other side.

Advantages of using Neti Pot

  • This technique is particularly beneficial for people with asthma, allergies, sinusitis, common cold and similar breathing problems.
  • Jala Neti removes the dirt from your nose and cleanses it thoroughly. The warm water loosens the dried mucous or any other dirt built up inside.
  • The warm water taken during Jala Neti, also drains the sinuses thus relieving you off the sinus pressure immediately. Hence this technique is very much recommended for people with sinusitis problem.
  • It is known to have had positive effects on concentration and visualisation.
  • It is also known to treat ear infections.

Usually Neti is done once or twice a day. The best time to do this is in the morning before you start your daily activities.

Now, the picture of pouring the water into one of your nostrils might not be appealing to many. In fact, some of them even think that it is not safe. But it is a very scientific method that is absolutely safe. But one important thing is that you should know the exact way to do Jala Neti. If you are not sure about it, then you should probably consult a Yoga expert.

There might be hiccups in the beginning. The water might not come out of the other nostril easily. Sometimes the water may not come out at all. Instead, you might be directing it towards your throat. But with some practice, you would be doing it right and enjoying the benefits of Jala Neti.

Let us make use of this simple yet effective purification technique and make our lives healthier.